Taptec is a smart digital business card replacement for a physical card, It’s popular because of having the NFC feature which allows you to scan and then show complete information instead of just showing a few information like your name, designation, email address, etc, but with the help of Taptec NFC digital cards, you can show your personal or business information with anyone.

Taptec offers a web profile that will open on safari or chrome when the user will create the profile in taptec mobile app and it’s linked with the mobile app. The profile is fully responsive and will open on any phone and on a laptop screen.

The Taptec mobile apps are with an admin panel (dashboard) to see analytics (total ios/android users), and block and remove users on demand.

Main Features:

  • Social logins Apple, Insta, Facebook, etc.
  • QR Code Scanning.
  • Profile Lock and Direct one social share.
  • Drag and re-arrange icons as you want.
  • Save contacts into the phone book.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Sync with all platforms.
  • Add a profile page to your phone home screen.
  • Add Company Details.
  • Generate profile link.
  • Custom Icon.

Pro Features on Demand:

  • Tag verification and profile verification.
  • Analytics, taps count, notifications.
  • Subscription Plans, monthly or yearly.
  • Multiple Profiles, personal and business.
  • Leads Form.
  • Multi-lingual app.
  • Profile completion steps & percentage.
  • Modified Custom Icon.

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