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Benefits of working with Avicenna Enterprise Solutions.

effectTechnical Whiz

With a 97% customer satisfaction rating, you will have the full confidence of hiring the right team for your project.

effectTop-Tier Talent

The talent pool at Avicenna Enterprise Solutions, consists of more than 100 STEM-trained, multi-skilled specialists – guaranteed to fill skill gaps.

effectRapid Scaling

We'll build a team of project specialists so your core team can focus on business as usual.


By choosing Avicenna Enterprise Solutions offshore software development over an onshore workforce, you can save up to 50% of the cost.

effectTime-Zone Alignment

Despite offshore operations, we ensure enhanced time synchronization, communication, collaboration, and project delivery.

effectFaster Time To Market

Working with Avicenna Enterprise Solutions as your offshore development partner will empower you to double the speed at and save your time and money.

Fixed Price Project

With our fixed price project model, you'll be able to efficiently implement even the most complicated software solutions for your business in record time and without breaking the bank.

Our responsibility:

Providing the skills and expertise that precisely match your requirements.

Your responsibility:

Workload allocation, integration of Avicenna enterprise solution's team with your internal processes and management practices.

Dedicated Team

We will link you with agile engineering specialists who are ready to integrate with your core team to help you fill skill gaps, minimize costs, and mitigate risk.

Our responsibility:

Building a team with the ideal skill set and then assuring its effectiveness.

Your responsibility:

Providing requirements and reviewing work as we move forward.

Off-Shore Software Development Services.

You share your ideas. We get it done.

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effectMobile App Development

Apps can be developed for iOS (Apple) or Android (google) platforms, or both.

effectWeb Development

Web development services based on building websites and web applications. This includes front-end & back-end development.

effectSoftware as A Service (SaaS)

SaaS offers software applications through the cloud, eliminate the need for local installation and maintenance.

effectIT Consulting & Solutions

The consultancy helps businesses to choose the right software solutions, optimize processes, and align technology with business goals.

How Our Dedicated Teams Works?

We'll seamlessly integrate software experts, enabling you to quickly increase your development capabilities.

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